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Spindle spinning for beginners: Prepare your wool and spin on a suspended spindle

In this course you will learn how to spin on a suspended spindle. You will also learn how to prepare your wool.

I will take you through the steps of wool preparation where we

  • pick the fleece
  • tease the wool
  • card it into rolags and
  • trouble shoot.

We will look briefly at spindle history and why we spin on spindles. The spinning part includes

  • twist theory
  • park and draft technique
  • spinning with left and right hand
  • spinning unparked
  • trouble shooting.

You will also learn how to

  • ply and finish the yarn.


To take part in the course you need:

  • a suspended spindle
  • fleece (washed if you want to spin it washed, the course doesn 't include washing)
  • hand cards
  • time to practice.

I also encourage you to bring:

  • an apron
  • a notebook.

There is a bonus section where I show techniques with a pair of wool combs and a flicker. If you have these tools bring them too.

The course welcomes beginners and experienced alike. Perhaps you have no previous experience in wool handling and spinning. Perhaps you learned decades ago but have forgotten. Perhaps you are a sheep owner and would like to learn how to spin the wool from your sheep. Or you may be a wheel spinner and would like to learn a common spindle spinning technique. Either way: Welcome!

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